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This site aims at giving you not only an overview of Mario Ramirez's career as an ACTOR, COMEDIAN, writer, director and Spanish Voice Over talent but it will also keep you up to date on his latest projects and provide you with Mario's personal input, only available at this site. We hope you enjoy looking around and finding what you need.

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  • Comedian

    A True Showman

    His comedy show in Spanish has conquered many stages in Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama and the United States. "La Hora Lunática," "Siempre en Domingo," "En Vivo," "Sevcec" and "Entre Nos" are some of the TV shows that have showcased his talent. Renowned Mexican theaters like Teatro Blanquita, Aldama, Lírico & Fru-Fru and in the United States, The Million Dollar Theater, Los Pinos and the world famous The Improv, have all witnessed Ramirez's success. His show includes impersonations, ventriloquism, jokes, pantomime, comedy sketches, stand-up comedy and Mario's unparalleled art to improvise.

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  • Actor

    A character actor

    Mario Ramirez is the Mexican Comandante of Arnold Schwarzenegger's latest film "Sabotage."
    Before playing that role, Ramirez portrayed the revolutionary icon Che Guevara in the documentary "The True Story of Che Guevara" by The History Channel. In Mexican cinema, Mario's brilliant impersonation of Cantinflas made him the star of "No Hay Derecho Joven" , a biopic of Mexico's most famous comedian of all times.

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  • Latino Comedy

    For Comedy shows call:
    (818) 761-5725
    (Los Angeles CA)
    Hi, I'm Mario..... If you are looking for a latino comedian you can find me outside of "Home Depot"... or if you prefer, here I invite you to join my friends list.

  • Director

    Films & Theater Plays

    The films directed by Mario Ramirez are "Juegos del Poder" (Power Games) "En la mira de mi gatillo" (Firearm Target) "Agarren al de los huevos" (Grab the one with the eggs) & "Atrapamos a Bin Laden" (We caught Bin Laden). Ramirez has also directed successful theater plays such as: "Don Juan Tenorio," "Te juro Juana" (Juana I swear) "Mi amigo Cri-Cri" (My friend Cri-Cri) & "El Show de las estrellas" (The Show of the Stars). On Television, Mario has been the director of multiple comedy segments for Azteca America, Channel 22 & the Telemundo Network where he was also a writer and comedian of "La Hora Lunática" (The Lunatic Hour).

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    Síguelo en @MarioRamirezYES y usa #MarioRamirezYES para actualizaciones y contactos.

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    Coming soon to this space, you can buy books, movies, t-shirts and tickets to the theatrical shows of Mario Ramírez "The Joker", remains in contact with us.


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