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  • Movies

    Here you will find videos of upcoming movies Mario Ramírez in their facets Actor, Director and Writer

  • Live Shows

    Here you will find videos comedian Mario Ramirez "El Comodín" (The Jolly Joker).

  • Interviews

    Interviews and TV reports actor and comedian Mario Ramirez iin which he talks about his career, projects and causes in which he is participating.

  • TV Shows

    Here are some clips and information about television programs in which the comedian Mario Ramirez Reyes has been submitted, enjoy them.

  • Parodies and Imitations

    Mario Ramirez "El Comodín" began his career doing voice imitations and characterizing some icons of the show, here you can see some of his videos.

  • 4 Kids

    Mario Ramirez Reyes presents children's shows, and surprises for Toddlers.