Mario Ramírez



His comedy show in Spanish has conquered many stages in Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama and the United States. “La Hora Lunática,” “Siempre en Domingo,” “En Vivo,” “Sevcec” and “Entre Nos” are some of the TV shows that have showcased his talent. Renowned Mexican theaters like Teatro Blanquita, Aldama, Lírico & Fru-Fru and in the United States, The Million Dollar Theater, Los Pinos and the world famous The Improv, have all witnessed Ramirez’s success. His show includes impersonations, ventriloquism, jokes, pantomime, comedy sketches, stand-up comedy and Mario’s unparalleled art to improvise.







In this type of events, the show has a fun and motivational cut, Mario Presents reflections, and all with his skill in the art of Stand-Up Comedy, the parodies is imitations and is addressed to a family audience.


In this type of scenario, the show has a balance between musical, monologues, routines and interaction with the public. It is excellent for the public of all ages (mainly teenagers and adults).

Special events

Private event is any type of celebration like birthdays, weddings, anniversary, among others. Your show is personalized to make it original.

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