When the Power is Bastard

A Film by Mario Ramírez Reyes

A young girl just graduated from the academy, tries to end the police corruption that exists in Mexico, even if that means investigating her boss. While another undercover agent, he looks for the murderers of his family.

Cast & Crew

Génres: Action/Drama

Run Time: 107 Min.

Directed by: Mario Ramírez Reyes

Written by: José Ramón Nevárez

Produced by: Elart M. Coello y Manuel Hinostroza

Cast: Leonardo Daniel, Julio Alemán, Roberto Ballesteros, Tania Mendoza,  Gerardo Vigil, María Montaño, Juan Carlos Serrán, Mario Ramírez  Reyes

Cinematography by: Arturo Vidart

Editor: M.R. Reyes

Casa productora: Azteca Pictures



The abuse of power occurs or can occur in any area. political, economic, media, police etc. Let us understand by “power” the capacity of a person, situation or thing to influence, modify or positively or negatively alter a certain reality. Likewise, let us understand by “abuse”, the improper use of the ability to influence, of one (s) person (s) over another (s) that usually causes damage of various kinds.

The greater the accumulated power, the greater the risk of imbalance in the relationship process. If having power puts us at risk of being potential abusers, not having it puts us at risk of being abused by those who hold it.

In this film by the writer José Ramón Nevárez, characters are presented who use their quotas of power to abuse, convinced that they act appropriately, however the viewer finds the dilemmas of when to use force, prudence, discretion, guilt and other factors that make us hesitate when power is bastard.

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