Mario Ramírez


Inspired by his father, Mario Ramirez inherited his affinity for literature, and ever since his childhood he gave wings to his imagination. When he was 10 years old he won his first poetry contest. At twelve, he wrote his first theater play. Years later, when he was a restless university student, he wrote his first humorous stories and cartoons, and they were published in “El Cocodrilo” (A local magazine of the University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autonoma). Around that time, he also collaborated as a writer in a small cultural segment of a TV show that had the mission of promoting the traditions and history of each state of the Mexican republic. He then writes several theater plays that were presented in his native Mexico. In 1993 serveral of his comedy sketches were taped for television in Lima Peru. Two years later the Telemundo Network in the United States hired him as Senior Writer of the variety show “La Hora Lunatica.” In 1998, an important production company of Hispanic films in the United States, gives him the opportunity to write and direct his first films, giving him a chance to explore a new media; film.

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