Mario Ramírez

Stage & Screen Actor Comedian

There is no right young man! A Film by Dean St. Gilbert A tribute to the most recognized Mexican comedian of all

The Price of the American Dream A Film by Jackie Torres The drama The Price of the American Dream covers the trials and tribulations

The True Story of Che Guevara A Film by Maria Wye Berry The documentary film “The True Story Of Che Guevara” presented

The lord of the snakes A Film by Christian González The legend of the culebrero was born in a humble region where

Grab the one with the eggs A Film by Mario Ramírez Reyes Rina’s ambition will make her get involved in an illegal

Dear White People Directed by Tina Mabry Golden boy Troy schmoozes his way around campus at his father’s behest, campaigning for student

Finish killing me A Film by Gilberto De Anda Estrada leads an ordinary life with his job and his family, until

The blond Estrada A Film by Gilberto De Anda Some Salvadoran and Mexican immigrants try to enter the United States illegally, on

Sabotage A Film by David Ayer The elite DEA task force is fighting the world’s deadliest drug cartels. Specializing in complex mobile

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